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Guide to Compound Bows

It is quite a challenge to set up a compound bow especially if it is your first time. The bow itself is just the beginning of a finely-tuned shooting system for arrows. Once you have found the right compound bow for yourself, it is important next to set up the essentials that would properly fit your bow. Once you have gathered the right essentials and set them up, you can them immediately start shooting with your compound bow. Below are the essentials that you need for your compound bow.

One of the most important parts of a compound bow is the arrow head. When the shooter draws and releases the bow, the arrow is held in place in the arrow head. There are two types of arrow rest styles including the full-capture rest and the drop-away rest. There are benefits and disadvantages to both type of arrow rests. If you want a high level of accuracy at a long range, then the drop-away rest is ideal. It also eliminates contact with an arrow’s fletching while allowing for a longer arrow fletching having a high amount of helical turns. The only disadvantage of this type of arrow rest is its price because they are very expensive.

If you want a rest that creates an even, full contact with an arrow fletching, then the full capture rest is ideal for you. This means that no matter how the shooter holds his bows, the arrow is kept totally secure. The shooter’s confidence can be boosted with this since he does not need to worry about the arrow falling off the rest. The full capture rest is much cheaper than the drop-away rest. But, at long range, these rests are not as accurate as a drop-away rest.
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With a compound bow sight, you can align your eye with the bow. This will help the shooter have a precise aim at the vitals of a target being shot at. If you choose to shoot without a sight you would significantly diminish your accuracy. The three main types of sight to choose from are the fixed pin, movable pin, and the pendulum.
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A compound bow shooter should look out for a number of features in all the three sights. It is advisable to go for a round pin guard rather than a rectangular or a square one. With this, aiming is easier and your accuracy is greater. The best pins to use are those that get illuminated by bright fiber optics. The brighter the optics, the better, since the shooter can view them in low light conditions.

Balancing a bow in a way that it rests straight up and down in a shooter’s bow hand, one needs a stabilizer. Active stabilizers play an extra role of absorbing most of the vibration caused when an arrow is released.